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Thread: Beautiful Morgan RV35 Combo

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    Beautiful Morgan RV35 Combo

    I'm selling my Morgan RV35 1x12 combo with reverb. I just bought this amp recently and it's just not for me. Great amp, beautiful look and sound.

    It has 3 12ax7's in the pre and 2 5881's in the power section with a Celestion g12h anniversary. This amp has nice headroom and fat overdrive tones.

    Just looking for something different. I would love to trade for a Matchless HC-30 or spitfire...

    Asking $1850 shipped and PP'd!

    Here is a video of the exact amp taken by the guy I bought it from:
    Morgan RV35 "Dreamland" - YouTube

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    It would not last at my gigs in that color.
    It would look nice under colored lights.

    Tele's & Tweeds.Yes sir.


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