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Thread: Amp sim pedals

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    Amp sim pedals

    Hi everyone. So I'm looking for a (cheap) amp solution for my small apartment without sacrificing all the sound of a decent amp. Does anyone happen to know if it's possible to run an amp simulator pedal into a preamp or something, and then straight into a cab? Trying to get some decent tone without dropping the bucks for a huge amp rig that I have nowhere to put. Thanks in advance.

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    I've never tried any of those pedals--so I wouldn't be the one to ask for an expert opinion.
    But they should have manual that would tell you that---especially on the manufacturer's website.
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    Welcome to the forum, LTE.

    I'm in the same boat....Never tried many amp simulator pedals, other than the BOSS '65 Deluxe Reverb pedal and the '59 Bassman pedal. (the 59 Bassman pedal's a good way to put a bit of hair onto a really clean amp, like my Twin Reverb). I think with most pedals, you need more than a preamp and a cabinet - You'll need a regular guitar head (preamp and amp sections) to drive a speaker box.

    The only other way I can see doing it is with a direct box that's plugging into a PA system. With that, you'd just need guitar > amp simulator pedals>direct box>PA. I've got a DOD direct box that has select-able cabinet emulations, so you can choose either a 2 x 12 or 4 x10 half-stack.

    Unless you've already got a PA, using a regular guitar amp is going to be easier, whether it's a combo amp or a head + cabinet.
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    Would a small modeling amp with a headphone jack be sufficient?


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