On the left my first bass (And only bass for many years)--a Matsumoku made EB 3 copy (I got it used)
It's a short scale (30")
Then about a year & a half ago I got the one on the right--an Ibanez SR500F--fretless & 34" scale.
I still played the EB 3 copy a bit (I play in church on occasion), whileI got used to fretless.
But after a bit I played the fretless almost all the time.

I mostly play with my fingers (Although I do sometimes use a pick and/or my thumb) and on the EB 3 I tended to anchor my thumb on the neck pickup.
On the Fretless I also tend to anchor my thumb on the neck pickup.
I also anchor it elsewhere or sometimes don't anchor it at all-but most of the time--I use the bridge pickup
This weekend I was playing the EB 3 a lot and noticed I was now anchoring on the bridge pickup--not intentionally, that's just where my thumb went.
I then tried it on the neck pickup and it felt weird--like the bass was smaller than it is.
I could still play it that way--but it felt weird.
So now not only do frets feel odd--but short scale does if I pick near the neck.
It felt at the bridge pickup--I should measure and se how close those distances are.