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Thread: MUSIMA de Luxe 25 B

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    MUSIMA de Luxe 25 B

    Hey there, I found slightly damaged bass guitar "MUSIMA de Luxe 25 B", I made a pickguard for it, but couldn't figure out how electricity is built: wires are old and torn, way that knobs (potentiometers) and condensers are plugged is unusual. Please, if there is someone who has access to that guitar's inner world.. draw scheme or take a distinct photo, thanks in advance.

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    Hello Docteur De Peste, and welcome to Axetalk. I for one do not know that guitar, but someone here might. But just in case no-one here knows the guitar, can you post pictures of the wiring that you have? And the pick-guard both sides?

    Someone here might be able to offer a likely wiring scheme.
    I bought a relic'd guitar because I liked the way it sounded. Then I refinished it because I didn't like the way it looked.


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