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Thread: When Do You Turn Into a Collector?

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    While I was killing time downtown waiting for a meeting, I did some window-shopping at the hobby shop next door. I used to be a builder of model cars when I was young, and I got a bit of sticker-shock looking at kits. I remember Revell 1/25th scale kits selling for about 3.00 and now they average about 25.00. I don't think I'll be tempted to revisit collecting them again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forecaster View Post
    ...I see us as Caretakers or Conservators
    because someday they will belong to someone else.
    I was listening to a Youtube video talking about this in regards to our relationship with Mother Earth recently.
    I bought a relic'd guitar because I liked the way it sounded. Then I refinished it because I didn't like the way it looked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrumBob View Post
    Over the last year, I have been building my collection of guitars, but I've been thinking about why and what lately. Talking to other collectors, there always seem to be reasons why they buy certain guitars over others. In my case, I collect guitars that have a coolness factor to me, plus guitars that are iconic 60's instruments, because that's when I came of age musically. I also collect certain guitars that were played by heroes of mine, or guitars that reflect a certain style of music I like such as garage rock, blues, or blues/rock.

    Here are select guitars from my collection, and why I own each one:

    Gibson Les Paul Flametop Sunburst-They're beautiful, and were played by Mike Bloomfield, Clapton, Kossoff, Moore, and so many other great players.

    Gibson Moderne XI-I'm fascinated by the Moderne myth/legend and the impossible rarity of finding an original one.

    Gibson Les Paul Goldtop-They look amazing, sound great with P90's, and they feel very natural on me.

    Gibson Les Paul Junior-The first time I saw Leslie West walk onstage with a Junior at the Fillmore East, it make a distinct impression. Mick Ralphs also played them and sounded great. The Jr. is a plank with a neck and pickup on it, and it doesn't get much better for kickass rock 'n roll.

    EKO 500V-4-Plastic Italian cheese to the max, but very unique and quite playable guitars. Iconic 60's. Sort of.

    Rickenbacker 330-12-I'm a huge Byrds/Beatles fan, not to mention early Who, Searchers, Tom Petty, and tons of other obscure-o 60's bands, like the Blue Things, etc. Gotta have my jangle. Iconic 60's for sure.

    Squier CV Tele-The greatest workhorse guitar ever. Roy Buchanan was a big factor in me owning a Tele. I love the way they look in a proletarian way.

    '30's Regal Woodbody Dobro resonator-For slide blues. It's authentic, funky, real, and it was only $225. And it plays and sounds spectacularly good.

    Teisco/Kingston solidbody single pickup-I have grown to love 60's Japanese guitars for what they are, not what I wish they were. I already have better guitars, but that's not the point. This is a GREAT slide guitar for Hound Dog Taylor style bottleneck. I gig it all the time. It has the biggest baseball bat neck I have ever seen.

    These are just a few. I won't bore you all with the rest. They're not just tools. In other words, I usually don't think along the lines of having to own a particular guitar for some highly practical reason. My decisions are based more on the heart than the head, I suppose.

    I'l like to know what some of you collectors have, and why you collect the guitars you own.

    I have the following:

    2003 Fender MIM Tele (Wine-colored)
    LP Custom
    Fender RI Paisley
    Oscar Schmidt acoustic/electric
    Fender '65 DRRI
    DigiTech GNX2 Muti-Effects Unit

    I'm also planning on having a friend build me an AllParts Paisley Tele starting sometime next year.

    However, here's what I'm GAS'ing for at the moment. The legendary James Burton used a ColorSound wah/fuzz/volume pedal in "Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii" and used it at least until May or June of '73. It's the one guitar effect that James used during his years with Elvis that has eluded me for a very long time - I'm a big James Burton fan! Pictures below are from an auction for one of these pedals. The pedal pictured, though, has been modded to allow a guitarist to use it with a 9V adapter:
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    I've always been a collector of stuff. I too started off with MOdel Cars.....good god those things are so expensive now. I was a big AMT Ertl guy though because they had all the cool Ford/Bigfoot stuff, and the axles did not break on them when I actually played with them like toys.

    Then I started collecting video games in Jr. High. I still have my NES and Atari 2600 collections, the Atari Collection has gotten quite valueable these days, my mom gave me so much crap for it, now I'm worth almost double and a half what it was in high school.

    Guitars for me, I used to be a bit of a compulsive collector (not a hoarder, I still sell and trade sometimes, and would occasionally have a gear purge). Sometimes I find a guitar, we get along for awhile, and then the "magic" is gone for me. I also like to think of myself as a guitar "rehabilitator" because I take a lot of "junk" in, and then when I let it go, it's always 1000X better than it was when I got it, I've turned some real turds into killer sounding stage-ready players that now are out there rockin' out with other lucky guitar pickers. I always have my big a good Tele and a Strat

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