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Thread: Custom Peavey AT200 Need some advice please

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    Custom Peavey AT200 Need some advice please

    Hey people!

    Long time reader, first time poster!

    Coming off the back of a successful custom job on a yamaha pcifica 302s I thought I would take a punt on a peavey AT200 with the autotune board removed to have a go at customizing it.

    All electrics are in place except the autotune control board. So this guitar has as standard piezo bridge saddle pickups, and a set of peaveys own buckers installed. I plan to throw away the peavey buckers and install a SD Jazz at the neck and a SD JB at the bridge (classic combination). But what I would like to do is to be able to access the piezo saddles through the midi port? Is there a piezo preamp available to buy that I could connect up to the saddles that allows me to do this? And if there is what would the connectiviy be like, and how much would I need to modify the current setup to acheive this?

    Could anyone recommend a cost effective way of using these bridge saddle pickups effectively? I under stand the guitar isn't exactly top spec, but it is all a learning curve and if I truly mess this one up then I will not have lost out too much.

    Any help from the knowledge fountain would be useful!

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    welcome to Axetalk!

    Unfortunately this is an are that is way outside my knowledge base...

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    Hi and welcome to Axetalk.

    I had a quick look at some pictures of the Peavey AT200, but I am unfamiliar with this guitar. Where are the pickups/sensors for the midi output?
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    Very strange that you would remove the main "feature" of the guitar and gut it making it worth even less $$$ than a used one.

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    Hi Prawnstar, and welcome to the forum. I've never dabbled in piezo-sty;e saddles, so I can't offer any opinions or advice. One thing I'll say is that in the process of perusing the Stewart-McDonald catalog (which I call "the wishbook") I've noticed that they seem to offer that sort of gear. The name I see tossed around often online that they sell is L.R.Baggs, and it seems to be a brand that commands some respect. While I don't have enough knowledge to comment beyond that, here's a link to the StewMac page. Hope this helps......

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