Part 3--the Conclusion:
15-The Most Amazing Capo EVER (Spider Capo)--again--cool idea--but I don't use capos.
16-Guitar Looper Pedal --I don't know how much I'd use one--but it woudl be fun to try, so maybe better to get as a gift
17-Quality Headphones --as long as they are over ear & not in ear or ear buds-(I don't like things stuck in my ear--makes them hurt)-sure--I can always use a pair of them. My main ones are getting old, and my back ups are not reliable.
18-Starter Kit for the Beginner Guitarist --for a beginner--maybe--depends on the kit (they are getting better) as well as the other options--but not my thing
19-Boss Guitar Pedals -I already own a few--and so I do like them--so sure--even if it's one I might not buy myself--it could be fun to play around with--but yeah--check to see what I already have.
20-Electric Guitar “EBow” Electric Bow- I've tried one--not my thing--but there are people who can use them well
21-1 Gift Every Guitar Player Loves (A new guitar)--or a new to me one--sure--why not--I love guitars.