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Thread: What Are You GAS'ing For Lately?

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    Your experience and the ad seem to support my tending to believe that it did not need repairing, and was returned because it did not live up to expectations. Yet you still seem to believe that it did need servicing. Also, the bigger the store chain, the less that "original packaging" seems to matter.

    Anyway, regardless of if these pedals are being returned because they need servicing, or because they are unwanted after a few spins around the block, I think they are something to be avoided.
    I bought a relic'd guitar because I liked the way it sounded. Then I refinished it because I didn't like the way it looked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spellcaster View Post
    Well, most of my guitar playing is just fooling around....It's not likely I'm ever going to gig as a guitar player again, but I can see a Mosaic pedal getting some use here - Probably more use than I've gotten from any of my pedals over the last few years.
    Hey, that's cool--just expressing my opinion--feel free to ignore it.
    Most of my playing is at home for fun--mostly without pedals.
    I do play at church sometimes--and have used some pedals--but some I never have.
    I buy them to use for fun--but that doesn't mean I don't want to try them out first.
    I bought two used Dano pedals for $10 each--and still tried them out to see if they did what I wanted them to do (Chorus & EQ)
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