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Thread: Page load problems

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    Page load problems

    There seems to be a page load problem with some of the threads, and I think I have a clue what's going on. I've noticed this before, but curiously, only on threads that doublewah has posted pictures to. The page load stalls, and no text AT ALL loads while the forum script waits for some kind of code from a remote server that isn't going to come...the thread is essentially unbrowsable. I noticed this on the SD P RAILS? thread, and the TOOLS AT WORK thread today. My hunch is that doublewah is linking to an unreliable remote photo host. There should be a simple way to stick a timeout bypass into the code so that the whole page doesn't stall (just the photos get missed), but I'm exclusively a Pascal coder so that's all I can offer.

    NHNF on doublewah btw...if his remote host is causing this, any unreliable host could cause the same stalling.

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    Haha - Sure, blame me!

    I'm not sure what's going on. I upload my pictures to the AxeTalk forum. I've never used the photo-sites other members use, partly because I find it annoying when I click on a picture-link that is a couple of years old and the picture is gone.

    Some of the pictures I uploaded in the past may have been too big, but out moderator gave me a tip last week and I've been following the sizes he recommended since then at least. Certainly, TOOLS AT WORK should all be small enough.

    I'm open to suggestions, although they aren't going to be "Use Photobucket" or something like that. One more account to set up - one more user name and password to forget!

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    Anytime you wish to report a problem with a specific post you really need to provide a link to that post. It's easy, just click the report button in that post and I will be sent a link and you'll have a chance to tell me what you see as a problem.

    I'm closing this thread and will wait for you to send me a link to an example of the problem as you see it.



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