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    I'm going to apologize up front for the lengthy post, but I think this may be a timely subject.

    I've decided to take a bit of a break from guitars, so the last thing I expected when I logged out was to be starting a new thread. However......I spent some time on another (non-guitar) forum last night and read something that's left me troubled. The post that started it basically made reference to bandwidth and the abuses in posting that represented a significant cost to the forum owner/operator.

    Although I don't pretend to understand the technical aspect of the bandwidth issue, thinking about the subject, as it might apply to AxeTalk, left me with a sleepless night. This is the place online that I think of as home and the regulars here are some of my good friends, so I wanted to know how this might pertain to us.

    I find myself thinking of the many posts of pictures I've made over the three years I've been hanging around here.....knowing that pictures are interesting and add value to a thread.....but now wondering if I use up bandwidth at Paul's expense. I wonder about the thread posts made by me and others that imbed video performances, and I wonder if they squander bandwidth unnecessarily, and I wonder about the posts that don't represent useable information to guitar enthusiasts, but simply represent the friendship and camaraderie among the forum users.

    I've always been very aware that AxeTalk is, in a sense, the struggling bastard child of the GearTalk network, and in all likelihood, not profitable compared to the other forums......However, this is the only GearTalk forum I've seen that doesn't at least put the idea of member support before the members, either as a gentle suggestion to users that they can contribute, or as promotion of the sort that TDPRI uses. I assume that the Google ads running down the right side of the front page help to offset the cost of keeping us going, but I find myself wondering if we're being uncaring or insensitive to economies we could make to keep the cost of bandwidth down.

    Would it be better if we posted links to pictures and videos rather than actually posting them? I've never seen a discussion of the subject on any of the forums I normally frequent, and I wondered if this is a subject that needs to be talked about.
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    That may be something that others have to deal with. But honestly bandwidth is not a concern of ours. At all.

    We operate 8 guitar forums on our massive server and AxeTalk is 1/25th the size of our largest forum. We actually never come close to reaching our bandwidth allocation. We have over 30 gigs of monthly bandwidth allocated to our account and use perhaps 18 gigs at most. If it were an issue, I'd say so.

    When I first started the TDPRI I did so on a bandwidth limited webhost and was presented with a $2,000 bandwidth overage fee. From that time on (that was 1999) I made sure that bandwidth would never be a limiting factor again. And, it isn't now.


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