Waddya Got?

  1. AllanR
    Fender Vibro Champ XD - 5 watt tube w/digital FX
    Fender Frontman 25r - about 20 years old, metal grate
  2. zontar
    G-Dec Jr.

    Soon? Maybe an excelsior or a Greta...
  3. spellcaster
    My Fender's a 1970 Twin Reverb housed in a Coastline Amps head cabinet and all new blackface cosmetics. It's been completely restored with correct NOS blue caps and all previous mods reversed, professionally blackfaced with all new lead dress, correct chassis mount three prong convenience outlet, three wire power cord, new Accutronics tank, Vintage Jon's Tonecraft reverb cables, NOS preamp tubes, and T.A.D. short bottle 6L6's.

    The cabinet is an original 1968 Dual Showman with two JBL D-130F 15" speakers.

  4. lenny1716
    62 Concert
    67 Bandmaster
    09 Frontman 25R
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