Rammstein's 'Amerika'

  1. Stingker

    I love the driving beat and everything about this song ( -- and the video!).

    YouTube - Rammstein Amerika

    Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, unfortunately I did not learn to speak German, but I'd love to learn.
    (A century ago, the most widely read newspaper in Milwaukee was written in German, -- 'Milwaukee Germania Abendpost.')
    And I love the 'sound' of spoken German. Like I love the German-made movie, 'Run Lola Run,' with the German language soundtrack and English subtitles.
    I wish there were more Rock'n'Roll songs in Deutsch. --
    Hey, to be able to make Rock songs in German would be so good! (There's just so much to do --- )

    But you've got to love Rammstein!

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