Howdy Gretsch Owners!

  1. AxeTalk
    I've got a Gretsch 6121 Roundup (1993 model) that I'm mighty proud off.

    Glad to see a Gretsch Club starting!
  2. Woof
    My '06 6121NAS Nashville is a pretty fine guitar I also have a 5125 that has some minor cosmetic mods and I recently scored a Gretsch Beast 1500 on eBay. All are great guitars to play.
    Now I just need a cadillac green jet, a firebird, a 5122 double cut, Penguins... arghhh
  3. araT
    PAUL: I looooove your roundup!

    WOOF: Yep, you definitely need those Jets & Penguins!
    (I'm a Jet-a-holic, if it wasn't blindingly obvious)
  4. caeman
    I am such a joiner...
  5. budman1950
    Hello everyone. I currently have a 5120, 3161, and a 3140. I'm selling the 3140 to help financh either a TR or an Annie. I also have a Parker or two and a few home made strat like guitars.

    No acoustics, only electric.
  6. GentleBen
    Hi Tara! Hi caeman!

    Country Classic SP and Pro Jet.
  7. hotraman
    Hi all;
    Owner of a Black Falcon... my favorite guitar these days.
  8. Stingker
    Howdy! I had a Dream Premonition about my first GreTscH, the 18th Tiger Maple 6120, made in '92. Later, I found a cute 6120 Junior (# 259), that's got that Full Gretsch Sound, just not quite the Growl of the 'Tiger.' (I named it 'Gretschen.') Next I bought a second 6120 Junior (# 63) as it came with all TV Jones' electrics. (I call this one 'Tina,' or 'Christina.') Recently I acquired a green 'flame' Setzer 6120 with trestle bracing and TV Joneses. (This one's 'Apollo.') It's quite Clean and Bright! Pure Gretsch! (I swapped the dice and hardware for the Gold stuff.) A sweet Country Classic Junior was next ('Teddy,' or formally, 'Theodore'). Then the Dear Cosmos provided an amazing 'Country Classic I' with the Single Cutaway (# 460, 'Veronica'). It was made in '97, but still had some of the wrapping on, so it was purchased and just stored away, just awaitin' for me. Each one of these wonderful instruments has its own distinctive Flavor of that Great GreTscH Sound. I Love 'em ALL!! - Tom
  9. layla'sboyfriend
    Hi All
    I have G5120 Electromatic.... I love it! Sunburst...Gretschbuckers, Bigsby. I run flatwound .11's and except for removing the pick-guard, its pure "stock". Gretsch makes great instruments, even at this price point. Even though they are not known for basses, I am thinking about going for a White Falcon Bass as my next investment.
  10. Stingker
    Hello layla'sboyfriend! - Please let us know if you do get the White Falcon Bass, OK? - I recently picked up a Broadkaster, expressly for the purpose of transforming it into a GreTscH hollow-body bass SIX! - So I got a gold G cutout tailpiece for six strings, six gold Sperzel bass locking tuners, and other things I'll need for the transformation. I'm not sure what pickups I'll get, yet. Probably TV Joneses, but they have to wait for me to catch up financially. Won't that be somethin'?! - And I'll swap all the hardware for gold! - I think it'll be so cool - and I can't wait to play it!
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