I love my short scale guitar because...

  1. AllanR
    I learned to play ukulele before learning to play guitar. Even my Fender Strat Jr. (22.7" scale) feels big to me!

  2. zontar
    I can handle a longer scale--but I love playing my Mustang--I often use it when I'm trying to learn a new song that's tricky--as the size & the narrow neck make it easier-if I can get it on the Mustang, I can learn it on one of the others.

    But mostly--it's fun to play.
  3. spellcaster
    I'm a fan of short-scales too. My smallest is my 22 1/2" scale DuoSonic, and I have one 24" scale, my Cabronita Thinline with 71 Musicmaster neck. Short scale basses too.....my Tele partscaster bass with 25 1/2" scale and Beatle Bass with 30 1/2" scale. I don't have particularly small hands but still prefer short scales.....Easy to play, fast to get around one, plus being able to reach that extra high note without stretching. The fact that short scales are sometimes a little lighter is a bonus too.
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