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Thread: Lawsuit overhaul

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    Quote Originally Posted by zontar View Post
    Hey, I never used to like hollowbody archtops--no I do--and I own & play one.
    Me too- and now that is almost all that I play

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keletcaster View Post
    I love em' all. It took a while for me to fully understand the structure of a Gibson styled instrument but once I did I realized certain things they thought of is more advanced than the fender design's. For example there neck angle was well thought out. They are easier to play because of it.
    Here I would have to agree and disagree with my esteemed colleague.

    I think that the reason so many guitar body shapes have come about (I mean neck-angle and how it feels against the body - not if it's pointy or not) is because of the many different shapes and sizes of the human body. I have owned and played Gibson's and other guitars, but the most comfortable body shape for me is the strat shape.
    I bought a relic'd guitar because I liked the way it sounded. Then I refinished it because I didn't like the way it looked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doublewah View Post
    but the most comfortable body shape for me is the strat shape.
    The Strat does do a good job of having a comfortable body shape--but somehow a Les Paul seems to melt into me...

    However the most comfortable guitar I have ever played is my Iceman.
    They are so well balanced...
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