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Thread: Hot rod Epiphone Les Paul

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    Hot rod Epiphone Les Paul

    Hey guys. I have been slowly pecking away at this project for quite some time. Thinking on moves & all the right parts. This for starters was a fantastic platform for a build as it played nice when I got it. My nephew originally had it & is a total Fender guy so I traded him some gear for it. This is a 2010 Epiphone Ultra II. It came stock with a Shadow Nano mag pickup built into the neck. It sounds pretty good with that for being an artificial acoustic sound. Definitely a useful tool for shift on the fly licks. I replaced all the electrical with CTS full size pots & a 047 paper & oil cap. It took some fooling around to get it all working right. It had a god awful printed circuit system that actually bled pickup sound even when the switch was turned off for them. I had a way of using it like that & had Reilander make me some Reverend Humbuckers for it with the plugs to go directly into the board. I was worried about not being able to use the nano mag. it worked for a while then one day in the middle of a big heavy G Pssst pop! the whole system quit. I still can not tell you why. It just died. So I under took the painful task of wiring it old school point to point & it was a pain in the a$$. In the end it all worked out. 1st thing I noticed was how much fuller it sounded with the new electrical not to mention it finally reacted like I felt Humbuckers should with the volume controls being able to just tweak back the grit with a tiny turn on the pot. For one thing it didn't really produce to much of that warm grit before. Its now a beautiful sounding Les Paul. Like the best of them. I leveled crowned & polished the frets. I was going to put a Bigsby on it but was lucky enough to walk into my favorite music store right when they were changing a trade in USA LesPaul back to stock for resale & sold me the Stets-bar Pro II for a real steal. Am I ever glad that happened because Stets bar tremolo's are way superior to the Bigsby system. better travel, smoother, & the way it all moves together bridge & all eliminates strings breaking at the saddle point at the bridge. I can be aggressive with it & it stays in tune. I have it more set up for a Tremolo feel. A few tweaks & they can be a pretty great Whammy. The jewelry added was a custom made hand carved 4 color mother of pearl phoenix truss rod cover, Mother of pearl keystone tuner knobs that retrofit to the Grover tuners, A custom switch wafer & today my Pearl black Ringo Knobs with mother of pearl inlay's were the last thing to put on. Actually I will add a Graph Tech Tusk nut here in the very near future. This guitar gave me all that I would have ever asked from a Les Paul USA & more it sounds fantastic it plays like butter with absolutely zero fret buzz & I think its pretty darn beautiful to boot. Hope you guys like it.

    Here is the before & now the after.

    Thanks for watching.
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    Now, THAT'S a gorgeous guitar!
    I bought a relic'd guitar because I liked the way it sounded. Then I refinished it because I didn't like the way it looked.

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    Cool, I wouldn't mind trying a Stetsbar--not sure which guitar I'd use it on though.
    And I don't like the look of cream pickguards on black guitars.

    Nice work!
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    Nice, the Stetsbar looks interesting.

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