I'm building a new control plate for my Tele Janglecaster.

I've never been satisfied with the Torres Bluestone harness....I used it on my Cabronita partscaster and it wasn't right. I assumed that maybe there was an issue because the one of the pickups was a four wire design and maybe there was some grounding incompatibility. I migrated that Torres harness into the Janglecaster, thinking that the single coil Ric Toasters, being two wire design, might make the harness perform properly. It isn't working out.....It's got a five way switch, but only the #1 position (just bridge) and the #5 (just neck)) sound good. The 2, 3, 4 (cocked wah, neck+bridge parallel, neck+bridge series) positions are low output and lifeless. I know the pickups are wired correctly in phase, so it's a mystery. Anyway, wasted enough time with this turkey, it's time to start over.

I started out thinking this time I'd use another Greasebucket tone circuit.....I'm really liking the way they work. But, it's since occured to me that the tone control portion of the Torres harness should probably be pressed into service, and it does work. It's their Advanced Midrange control, which is a push/pull pot that does regular tone control (treble attenuation) in it's normal rotation, and when pulled it becomes a midrange contour control.

There's one more thing I think I'll try.....I have a Guitarheads U-Drive component that's supposed to produce square-wave clipping as it's turned up. It's installed by using the device in place of your regular tone capacitor. I'm not prepared to give up having a tone control, but I'd be fine with using a third pot, if that'll work. Basically, a 250K volume, 250K U-Drive, and the 500K Torres Advanced Midrange.

My question is: Can I connect both the tone control and the underdrive in parallel at the volume pot lugs? Should I connect the underdrive to lug#1 in parallel with the output of the pickup switch, and the tone control to lug#2 in parallel with the output jack? Or, am I better with both connected to the lug#2 output? What'll it do impedance-wise by loading the volume pot with two other controls?

I'm guessing it'll be okay, and if worst comes to worst, I'll try it. But, I'd feel a lot better if one of the more knowledgeable guys could reassure me or shoot the idea down before I fire up the soldering gun.

I have a couple of options as far as switching the U Drive in and out of the circuit. I have some new push-pull pots, and I also have a new Fender NoLoad pot at my disposal.

I have a little more incentive to actually solve this issue with my Mosaic pedal on the way. I'm guessing that the Ric Toasters are going to absolutely bloom through that pedal. As it stands now, I know both pickups sound superb individually. I'd like to get to hear them together.

Your thoughts or advice welcomed and appreciated.