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  1. Hi iitb -
    I uploaded a new video to Youtube. I hope you like it:
    Cause We've Ended As Lovers - David Wildsmith @ McCluskey's - Nov 2011
  2. So, my friend likes the Xaviere 335...
    Here's one:
    I can't find one with humbuckers at GuitarFetish today, but I'm pretty sure I've seen them there before.
    Here is a used one on ebay:
    Can't argue with the price!

    What the heck? Axetalk won't let me put URLs in private messages...

    Anyway, Google Xaviere 335 to see the ebay one - $172.
    And looka round GuitarFetish dot com to see new ones. They have P90s, like the Lennon Epiphone.
  3. Hey, I knew you were in California lately. But I didn't think you'd get to Ontario. I live in Toronto and would have tried to meet with you if I had known.
    I've been meaning to say hello but with you travelling lately I didn't. My mistake.
    My name is David by the way and my son's mom is from Batangas, south of Manila.
    Travel safe... and now that you've got the ES335 bug, look at Epiphone Dot's. I try expensive Gibson's whenever I get the chance and I've only found one that played as well as my $700 Dot - and that was BB King signature that had been selected specially for a friend of mine.
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