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  1. JikPikTM is inspired by the original homemade pick
    versions that guitarist Jik and his music friends
    had created and used for over 25 years.

    As young teens they would use coins, plastic bread clips,
    or pieces of metal they rounded, eventually
    perfecting their own custom picks.

    Today the newly re-designed picks are laser cut
    and etched, but still hand-finished, one by one.
    JikPikTM comes in three versions:
    White, Red, & Clear and are cut to:
    3.0mm “Road Worn”, 4.5mm and 5.8mm x 33mm.

    The comfortable size and center hole provides perfect
    grip orientation and is undeniably the first impression you get.

    Then, theres the warm tone and smooth playability.
    JikPikTM picks durability will last you a lifetime, and your pick
    will become your new best friend. And, hang one around
    your neck, practical, and looks great.

    JikPikTM guitar picks are made in Canada
    and *shipped worldwide (*shipping costs applicable)
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