Someone let me know if I've done something out-of-line here, but I'm not sure if I came across like I was joking, and I'm led to believe that someone was interested...I never expected to sell this online. It *is* for sale. Info in the Pawnshop Find: Framus Texan 12-string thread in the Acoustics forum, fullsize photos available. $250 plus shipping (I've got a 3-layer guitar box and a bag of creamy peanut filling here), and I'm not 100% sure it's actually a Texan...the model name was not printed on the label, only the serial: SS338.

Oh...reminds me...a couple of years ago, I read a post about a guy who bought a guitar online, and the shipper decided to save some time, money and labor by making his own using a can of spray foam insulation to fill the guitar box rather than foam or styrene peanuts. Apparently the foam expanded so much once the box was sealed that the box bulged like mad, the fumes got underneath the garbage bags around the guitar and turned the lacquer black, and the back and bridge were compressed by the foam beyond repair! Heh...just something I think about whenever I find myself questioning whether I really need that Paypal buyer protection...the most frightening part of this story is that it sounds like an idea I might just have tried myself!