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Thread: Long shot: anyone want a FRETLESS strat neck?

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    Long shot: anyone want a FRETLESS strat neck?

    At the suggestion of another member who thought it might be of interest, I'm posting a 1998 MIM Strat neck that I have for sale. I bought this guitar from a local rave DJ who de-fretted and filled the fingerboard for some avant-garde stuff he was working on. I have no interest in this neck, really...except perhaps for turning this into a lap-steel...I had plans for the body and electronics though. all know my situation. I have to get $80 plus shipping for the neck alone to make it worthwhile to sell here. There are four stock Fender square-type sealed tuners and two proper replacement machines for it; I'm putting those into store stock too if I can't get $30 for them. The bare neck is dead straight. The notches have been sealed with some kind of putty or wood filler. I have the original frets as well for this; can't find them at the moment so don't know if they're all there but I doubt itmatters to anyone who might want this neck. The rear view doesn't show a couple of small resting dings around the 2nd fret, and some 1-2mm dings on the high-E side just under the fretboard line. The tight front view shows the actual condition and work state on the neck very's all like this.

    Aaaanyhow, if I don't get a commitment on this within a week or so, it's going into store if you're looking at this more than a week after the post date and there's no updates below this post, the neck ain't on offer any more.
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