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Thread: ******* Guitarist Autographs Wanted ****************

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    ******* Guitarist Autographs Wanted ****************

    Hello everyone,

    I just joined the site, and am having alot of fun reading the different threads and exploring. I love playing the guitar, but i especially love collecting the autographs of the players that have made a huge difference in my life. I have purchased the autographs of a great deal of these musicians, but some have alluded me. I have tried many ways to find their signatures but have just had no luck. If the musician is still alive i have tried contacting them (if possible) to see if i could purchase a signed item, and regularly check ebay for any available signatures. Several of these signatures are quite rare and have been dead for some time, but you never know what someone might have out their that they would sell, so i thought i would ask.

    Here is a list of the signatures i have been trying so hard to find. If you happen to have any of the following and would be willing to sell, please message me and im sure we can work something out.

    Guitar players i am seeking:
    1.) Vicente Amigo
    2.) Sabicas
    3.) Nino Ricardo
    4.) Ali Farka Toure
    5.) Albert King
    6.) Agustin Barrios Mangore
    7.) Ramon Montoya
    8.) Cliff Gallup
    9.) Clarence white (of the byrds)
    10.) D. Boon (of the minutemen)
    11.) Diblo Dibala
    12.) Eddie Hazel (of Pfunk)
    13.) Fred Sonic Smith
    14.) Freddie king
    15.) Glen Buxton
    16.) Guitar Slim
    17.) Fenton Robinson
    18.) Ida Preste
    19.) Alexandre Lagoya
    20.) John Cippolina
    21.) Manolo Sanlucar
    22.) Tomatito
    23.) Kazuhito Yama****a
    24.) Koo Nimo
    25.) Lightnin Hopkins
    26.) Elmore James
    27.) Paul Yandell
    28.) Robbie Basho
    29.) Davy Graham
    30.) Eddie Lang
    31.) Lenny Breau
    32.) Sol Ho'opi'i
    33.) George Van Eps
    34.) Jimmy Raney
    35.) Robert White ( of funk brothers)
    36.) Bola Sete
    37.) Roberto Grela
    38.) Jimmy Bryant
    39.) Juanjo Dominguez
    40.) Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
    41.) Manuel Barrueco
    42.) King Bennie Nawahi
    43.) Gabby Pahinui
    44.) Roy Nichols
    45.) Sonny Greenwich
    46.) Grant Green
    47.) Doctor Nico
    48.) Luiz Bonfa
    49.) Brent Mason
    50.) Alex Konadu
    51.) Tommy Tedesco
    52.) Jimmy Nolen
    53.) Earl Hooker
    54.) John Lee Hooker---common signature, but often ebay sellers are asking crazy sums
    55..) EK Nyame

    I know thats quite a list, and some of these signatures are very rare. In addition, some of these musicians might seem foreign to alot of viewers, as they encompass a very wide genre of music. But i thought i would at least list them and hope that someone out their might see the thread. It doenst matter to me if the autographs are inscribed to someone else or what they are on. Except no instruments, as i probably couldnt afford that. And i am open to looking at an item of any condition. Thanks for taking the time to read this thread and for viewing this long list. Ive been chasing some of these guys for many years and am now trying to find help with anyone that i can.

    Thanks so much, and please do contact me if you have any of them for sale.

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    That's an interesting request.....I've never seen an ad quite like this. I can't help you, but wanted to say welcome to the forum. I hope you'll decide to stick around.
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    Hi Carl,
    are you still looking for these autographs? I read your message today, and do have a few of them, and..., yes, most of them are really hard to get.

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    I think Carl has left the building. He doesn't seem to have logged on for several months. Maybe try a PM or email. And, welcome to the forum.
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