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Thread: Recording, old style

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    Recording, old style

    I've been feeling the urge to do some recording but don't have the technical expertise to do it with computer stuff. I have a Nakamichi TriTracer 700, probably antiquated by today's standards, but it was a 3000.00 machine in the mid seventies...three heads, three motors, adjustable azimuth, adjustable pitch, three channel recording capability, etc. I did some band recordings with it about thirty years ago (I think using three SM-57's) which still sound decent today . The only mike I have at my disposal is a Shure PE56D. Any idea how that would work out as an instrument mike, plugged into the center channel of the Nakamichi , sitting on a gooseneck stand a couple of feet in front of my Twin/Dual Showman box? I know this probably sounds pretty bear-skins-and-stone-knives to you guys that are doing this digitally, but I have an affinity for analog and it's technology I understand.
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    I bought on of these last year to record rehearsals with the church band but it fell apart before I had a chance to use it. I may have to mess around.
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    amazing values for old analog recording equipment nowadays- and top quality sound.


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