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Thread: Guitar Tricks.... learning

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    Guitar Tricks.... learning

    Has anyone signed upon Free Online Guitar Lessons - Easy Step-by-Step Video Lessons lessons for learning to pay from basics to advanced player. i learned a method for changing chords
    that is efficient, time saving... haven't been on there long , but lots of teaching and learning material...

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    I've never heard of that program, but I'll likely stop by and have a look. Most of my knowledge is self-taught, but more recently, I've tuned into a few YouTube videos that taught one song in particular. There's sure a lot more available for beginners now than there was fifty years ago.
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    There's always He has lessons about everything related to guitar playing. It's free, so check it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Martian View Post
    There's always He has lessons about everything related to guitar playing. It's free, so check it out!
    I do have a membership with guitar tricks, and it's a good resource. I do find their lessons a little dry, and when it's dry, it's hard for me to retain the information.

    I do love Justinguitar though.
    He doesn't just teach the song, but throws in technical breakdowns of why stuff within the song works. On many songs, he also shows a variation to play it 'easier' if you don't have the playing development to play it as it is on the album. You truly leave the lesson with knowledge to carry over into your next tune. If you buy his books, they are extremely well laid out, with the explanations articulated in a way that the average joe without a musical background can understand.

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    I haven't been able to get into too many online teaching sites--but there are some that are more interesting than others.

    I guess I prefer more direct interaction--but online resources would have helped me a lot when I started
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