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Thread: A Better Way to Practice Chords?

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    A Better Way to Practice Chords?

    Iím developing a new training method that could make chord practice much easier. Itís an online tool where you enter the chords you already know (or are working on). And the tool tells you all the songs that use those exact same chords.

    If youíre working on chords A, B, and C Ė you can begin playing all those songs that use (and only use) ABC, AB, AC, BC, A, B, and C.

    When youíre ready to tackle new material, the tool recommends what chord to learn next (based on the chords you already know). Learning chord D, for example, will unlock the most new songs in the database. So now you can practice songs that use ABCD, ABD, ACD, BCD, AD, BD, CD, AB, AC, BC, A, B, C, D.

    This means that at any given time, youíre only ďpracticingĒ 1 new chord. All the others are already in your comfort zone.

    Right now, the tool is free. And Iím opening it up for beta testing so I can collect feedback from real guitarists (beginners and veterans alike).

    If youíd like to check it out, shoot me an email with subject line TCGP Ė at chordmastery AT gmail DOT com. The subject line is important Ė TCGP.

    Canít wait to hear your thoughts.

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    Hi Jon -

    I support any new ideas for teaching and practicing. Will your system allow 4-part chords and extensions?
    Chords like Bbmaj7 or E7b9?

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    It also helps if you look for common notes between chords to simplify the changes--and I remember doing that and so I use some less common chord fingerings--but it helps--andI taught hem o my students when I taught, and now with the internet I've seen others doing the same thing...
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    sorry for the super late reply.

    the platform handles all chord types - major, M7, m7, m6, slash, power, diminished, sus2, sus4, 7th also normalizes enharmonics. So if you search for A#m, you'll also see Bbm. it even accepts sloppy searches....all of the following inputs will produce results:


    hope this helps


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