Music theory has been my weakness. I am self taught in mostly every aspect of my life and always been looking for a mentor/teacher to look up to and learn from. Be it work, sports, music and spiritual walk. Finally, the time has come to learn Blues’ most complicated and technical little brother. It’ll take some time for me to learn Jazz, but you never gonna get there if you dont take the first step. So here I am. Having fun at what Im most passionate on.

We have covered quite a lot of general topics, and now I dont know where to start. I'll be looking back at posts on this thread and see where I can make sense. For now, the exercises given to me were locating all E notes on the fretboard, and doing the major scale in syncopated timing. and also practing C "thirds" scale.

Man, theres a lot of things and it feels like everything has been scrambled in my head. good thing I did record our lesson and would hear the lessons again.